I have a sore throat. Relax. I’m pretty sure it’s just from a three-hour combat session of D&D. It’s getting better but it still sucks. I just took another shower because it somehow became blazing hot again after a really loud, heavy rain woke me up this afternoon. It do be that way in the Philippines, which is half way between the equator and the Surface of the Sun.

Jad is still in bed. We’ve been sleeping later than usual lately. I’ve been catching up on my reading, and she’s on a pastel crochet kick that is really charming and hard not to like. Here’s one she did that I think is really neat.

She takes orders for these over at Hats n Things. Open to customers in the Philippines only. Near the Surface of the Sun.

A box of little Christmas goodies arrived from my Mom in Cebu (I live in Davao). She got Jad some earrings, and me a heavily-marijuana-themed Bart Simpson shirt, where his eyes are stoner red. I laughed a bit. I wonder what kind of life my mother thinks I lead. It’s a black shirt though, she knows I like that. It matches the whites of my eyes. Thank you mother.

Yesterday URBAN ANIMAL hit 2 Million total Likes on the Webtoon platform. Maybe I’m just dumb but I personally cannot picture just how many people that is. It’s a lot. And I’m super stoked. I’ve been busting my ass over this thing since 2018 so it feels really good to see it resonate with so many people. We’ve mentioned in Q&A’s that we have about five seasons planned to tell the whole story, but I think the world is rich enough that we can go a bit longer than that. We’re in the homestretch of Season 3 right now. There’s still a long way to go, so I hope things continue to go well.

In-between these paragraphs and sips of coffee, I’m alt-tabbing to Episode 82’s script so I can put down some layouts as I go.

I am currently re-reading Brandon Graham’s KING CITY. I first read it in 2014 and was blown away by the sheer density that felt really shallow at the same time. But not in a bad way. It’s a very stylized slice of life story that I hope to be able to emulate in a future work. Anyway it’s about a secret agent who visits the city he grew up in. Also he has a magical cat. Good stuff.

This evening Jad and I will be watching some STARTUP on Netflix, a K-Drama we’ve been enjoying. And then the last two episodes of the current MANDO season. As of this writing, I don’t actually know which one will be viewed first. But my nerd brain is wondering too.

Have a nice weekend folks.