Recommendations 12.13.20

From reference books, to music, to games, here’s a handful of things I’m currently enjoying. I intend to do posts like these every now and then, so if you nice people have nice media to point to as well, sound off in the comments.

URBAN REFLECTIONS is not an instructional book in any way — you won’t be learning the fine points of perspective from this, but it is an excellent example of the variations of application of that knowledge. On top of that, and probably secondarily, I use it as great reference for city atmospherics and ambient light.

LINELIGHT is a minimalist puzzle game I only discovered during this pandemic. Fairly casual and relaxing, it seems to be a better fit for the Switch rather than the PS4, which it originally was designed for.

I play and replay levels when I’m trying to find my focus or wind my brain down at the end of the day. Try not to drop the console on your face though. That’s not fun.

Lastly, PAUL DAVIDS is a musician from the Netherlands. Spotify threw him onto my Discover Weekly feed and I quickly found myself repeating this one track over the course of an afternoon. His other stuff is pretty good too.